Set-Up AIIMS at Deoghar in Jharkhand

With regard to the proposal of setting up AIIMS in each state of the country, I wish to raise the concerns of the people of Santhal Pargana region in Jharkhand.

The state government of Jharkhand has worked towards the setting up of AIIMS by allotting land including making available 200 acres of land at Deoghar, which is a district in the state and home to the famous Dwadash Jyotirling and Shaktipith, where 5 crore pilgrims visit every year, as well as the site for an upcoming international airport.

My request for setting up the AIIMS at Deoghar is mainly on account of its central location and ease of commuting for the patients from Deoghar-Dumka and Godda region. Deoghar is on the Kolkata – Patna main rail route and also connected with three National Highways.

Deoghar is one of the centre points of the Santhal Pargana region and as you are aware the entire Santhal Pargana region is backward. This area does not have any medical facilities at all and needless to say that with the reduction on public health spending, growing inequalities in health and health care are taking their toll on the marginalized and socially disadvantaged population of Santhal Pargana. This area is prone to malnutrition, with an estimated 75 per cent of children and mothers being anemic.

Accordingly, I would like to once again request that given the availability of earmarked land, the central location, transportation infrastructure and the needs of the people of Jharkhand – it is desirable that the AIIMS be located at Deoghar, Jharkhand and a decision to this effect may be taken at the earliest.

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